Workplace Culture Consulting & Training

Workplace culture impacts everything from employee morale, productivity, and retention, to a company’s reputation with business partners, clients, and the public, to the level of workplace harassment and discrimination. In this #MeToo moment, policies prohibiting workplace harassment and discrimination are simply not sufficient. The most effective way to reduce the potential for litigation and business risk is to improve workplace culture.

Because employers best address workplace culture issues with proactive training and consultation, we work alongside our clients to assess their culture, identify risks, and develop concrete solutions that promote a positive, inclusive workplace, mitigate the possibility of litigation, and preserve a company’s brand and image.

Our comprehensive approach to assessing workplace culture is tailored to our client’s particular circumstances and based on our experience in litigating harassment and discrimination claims; advising on workplace policies; conducting workplace harassment training programs for executives, managers, and employees; and applying years of government service studying and implementing the most effective harassment prevention strategies.